Mouse Cooper’s Art Club Visits Fitzwilliam Museum

Mouse Cooper’s Art Club Visits Fitzwilliam Museum

On Tuesday 8 August ‘David’ Mouse’ Cooper took his Art Club of 10 to The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The Museum, open to the public since 1848, boasts 5 current exhibitions plus 4 current displays. This includes the Kettle Yard collection of 17 paintings by Christopher wood and Mariner Alfred Wallis until Sunday 27 August.

This was the first outing for Mouse and the Art Club who are often found in The Racing Centre of Fred Archer Way practicing their painting skills.

“It was a relaxed 3 to 4 hour trip, with Mouse providing informative insight on George Stubbs, Gimcrack, with John Pratt up, on Newmarket Heath” stated regular attendee Mick Smith.

The Museums painting collection encompasses 1700 works, ranging from the 13th to the 21st century.

Of particular interest to Mouse Coopers Art Club was the collection of Impressionist paintings to include Monet’s Poplars, housed at the museum since 1966.

Mouse with a BA honors in Art and Illustration facilitated group discussion but procured time to clarify styles to individual attendees, providing technical insight and discussing how to progress their own paintings back at The Racing Centre.

The Art Club is offering both novice and practiced artists the chance to meet those with similar interests, while providing relaxed teaching and tuition.

Both racing staff and the wider community can attend the class, part-subsidised by Godolphin for only £5 per 3 hour session.

Classes begin at 12.30pm every Tuesday and conclude at 3.30pm.

Car parking is available off the A142 and Fred Archer Way in the Guineas Car Park at a charge of only £1 for 3 hours.

For all activities, membership and general information visit

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